“Borrowed Time is simply stunning…The album’s arrangements are impeccable throughout, while the playing remains elegantly energetic – never forced and never overdone…”

“Her voice is like a beam of light that casts rays of melancholy interspersed with hope that make you want to listen to her music again and again…an absolutely first rate songwriter, and an exceptional vocalist, singing in an almost impossibly pure voice that can border on a whisper as much as it can shatter a glass. Birte Paulsen fills a musical niche to which few others can aspire, and she does so brilliantly!”



“It ebbs, flows and soars…The musicianship and performances are complex, adventurous, dynamic, rich, characteristic and diverse. A healthy splatter of European traveling minstrel folk or dark cabaret type instrumentation…all fused into an overall sound that is more unique, cohesive and has more contemporary indie/folk/pop sensibilities than music merely imitating or paying homage to those styles.”

Rokktopia Music Blog


“The unusual nature of the sound is one thing, the thing that is likely to capture your attention at first – this minimalist, rather dark sort of folk music, but the songwriting that follows is something else entirely….It really is a beautiful piece of music, in many ways screaming individuality, but not at any point sacrificing skill or substance to do so. A rare sort of success, and superbly intriguing – the album is a must”

Stereo Stickman Reviews